Company Profile

Aero Structures Long Island specializes in the machining of “build to print” complex structural components and highly complex assemblies for the aerospace industry. We are a family and veteran owned small business founded in 1961 as a small machine shop. Today, we produce precision-machined and monolithic structural components and assemblies for a variety of programs, including the military aircrafts CH-47, V-22 Osprey and the F/A-18 Hornet fighters. Our commercial aircraft programs include the AirbusA330, Boeing 767, 787 and the Gulfstream G550 & G650.

Because we continuously invest in the best manpower and machinery, Aero Structures Long Island has the experience and equipment necessary to exceed the expectations of today’s aerospace industry. Our production is accomplished through the utilization of computer controlled 3, 4 and 5Axis machines. Our capabilities also include in house programming from model based definition engineering, and a high quality in-house special processing facility with Nadcap approval. This makes us an “all-in-one” manufacturing, processing, and assembly house.

Aero Structures Long Island is committed to meet our customers’ quality expectations through the continuous improvement of processes and customer services. Dedication to quality in everything we do is our top priority and our goal is to achieve and maintain a reputation of excellence throughout the industry. Our quality driven management, employee dedication and commitment has enabled us to succeed.


  • 5AX
    • OKK  KCV 800-30L-SAX
    • SNK  HPS-1208/5  (3)
    • Toshiba  MPF2140
    • Zimmerman  FZ-35
    • Rambaudi 82
    • Mag 3X
    • Deckel-Maho  DMG DMUSO ( 2)
    • MU400
    • Deckel-Maho  DMG 100P
  • 4AX
    • OKK  HM60
    • OKK  HM600
    • Toshiba  BMC1000
    • Makino A82
    • Okuma  MA SOH B
    • A61
    • OKK  KCV 800-30L
    • Toshiba  MPF 2140C
    • Takumi V32
    • OKK  KCV-600
    • OKK VM7-III  (4)
    • Kuraki CMN-SRA
    • Enshu VMC-45
    • MV1
    • Toshiba  VMC-45  (3)
    • Hitachi  MACCMA TlC
    • Okuma 3-Axis-3
    • Okuma 4-Axis-25
    • 0-M LTD VTL
    • lkegai AX30
    • Daewoo Puma12
    • Daewoo Puma6
    • lkegai AX25Z  (2)